Ayurveda at the farm

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Open your eyes. Let your eyes wander. Over and over again. The view is incredible.

Taste and sample regional products

Sometimes I have the good fortune to find places that let heaven seem a little closer. Recently I was able to visit "Lindlhof" in Thiersee as part of Hof.Küche. A power place for the soul. And also for the body, as the food soon establishes.

Off to the farm

The meeting point for the unforgettable evening on the farm, which belongs to the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof, was the church square in Mitterland. From there we were taken to the farm on hay bales in an old VW bus. Once we arrived, the hosts Lisa and Stefan Mauracher welcomed us and gave us lots of interesting information about the farm. The majority of the herbs, vegetables and fruits that are used in the kitchen of the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof are actually grown there.

The eggs from the clucking hens on the farm are delivered to the hotel by the farmer, Chris, every day. We're impressed. Also by the wonderfully refreshing and healthy juices made by juice maker Bergblut, which were provided as an aperitif.

Then it's time to enter the lounge

As someone who notices scents, when I enter the old farmhouse I immediately notice that it has been smudged - and according to all the rules of the art. A wonderful atmosphere paired with tasteful decoration. Simply take your place and relax.

We were served all sorts of Ayurvedic delicacies, prepared with home grown and local products, and paired with a wonderful selection of wines. An epicurean extract from the restaurant's own Ayurveda cookbook.

Ayurvedic delicacies

Without meat, that was the biggest surprise. Hearty and tasty. Second helpings included. That was the second surprise. For the enthusiastic meat-eater amongst the guests. Impressed and satisfied. Until the early morning hours.

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