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Gitti was born in Thiersee, and lives with her family in the tranquil village of Landl. She has been working in tourism in Thiersee and the Kufsteinerland region for many years. And she's never really felt the pull out into the wide world. Mountains and lakes are what she's interested in, much more so than big cities and palm trees. The only place she really fell in love with was Greece. Books are her passion, from love stories to world literature, exciting mystery novels to historical biographies – she reads anything that falls in her lap.

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    "Being alive is not enough, says the butterfly. Sunshine, freedom and a small flower are also important" (Hans Christian Andersen)

  • Favourite places: Like my star sign Pisces I love everywhere that water splashes and flows.
  • That's me: Humour = when you laugh despite yourself!
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