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Rosmarie came back to Austria after seven years studying and travelling in Paris and Sydney. But her love of foreign cultures has stayed with her, especially French culture. Work commitments moved her to Vienna, the ultimate cultural capital. For family reasons Rosmarie came back to Tyrol in autumn 2015. Coincidence brought her to the beautiful city of Kufstein, and these days Rosmarie couldn't imagine a more beautiful place in Tyrol: Kufstein combines culture and nature! Her work involves interacting with a variety of different people, whether they are in the travel industry, guests or landlords. If Rosmarie is able to use her foreign languages as part of this, then it makes her very happy, and makes her day! Rosmarie also loves hiking in the mountains. It gives her strength, and they are somehow unpredictable, just like life.

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  • Age: 50+
  • From: near Innsbruck, with Hintertuxer roots
  • Occupation: employee of Tourismusverband Kufsteinerland
  • My favourite places: Paris is always good; or also Corsica, because of its natural beauty and the chance to swim in the crystal clear, warm ocean.
  • That's me: more quiet than before, still as spontaneous, and with a wide range of interests.

"When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others windmills"

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