A day with an Italian camera crew & celebrities

Marco Polo TV visited Kufstein

"Tyrolean Tapas" in the traditional Auracher Löchl.

Last weekend we were visited by a Marco Polo TV camera crew from Bella Italia, which stopped in Kufstein as part of their "Welcome to Austria" travel diary.

I was able to accompany the film crew for the day.

The subjects of this film were just like from a picture book: beautiful, young and somehow gave the impression that they were familiar with show business. It because clear very quickly that Andrea Cocco was the winner of "Il grande fratello" on Canale 5, an Italian reality show that is comparable with "Big Brother". His girlfriend is a Hungarian model.

I accompanied the team, which consisted of two cameras, a sound technician and the two celebrities, through the region. First on the filming schedule were some shots in the centre of Kufstein, then we took the panorama lift up to the fortress. The Italians were very interested in the former prison and the exhibition in the torture chamber, though the pair managed to deal with the unpleasant subject with a little humour. They also enjoyed the wonderful view of the Inn Valley and the mountains. The romantic Römerhofgasse with the Auracher Löchl was another highlight. We enjoyed some culinary delicacies there.

In the background is the panorama lift to Kufstein Fortress.

Unfortunately the weather stopped us from following through with the rest of our plans. So instead of the Kaiser Mountains we visited Riedel Glas, where we were able to take a good look at the furnaces and the glass artists. Everyone was impressed by the excellent craft.

The next stop was the stud farm in Ebbs, with its wonderful Haflinger horses. Then, as the last stop, we visited Albert Schmider and his schnapps distillery "Zum Messerschmied". We not only got an interesting insight into the world of schnapps, but were also able to taste a number of delicious varieties.

Final meeting with Andrea Cocco and girlfriend, while eating delicious cake at "Kaffee Bohne".

An exciting, fun and eventful day with the camera crew was over. Arrivederci Kufstein, a presto!

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