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Sabine had itchy feet from a young age. She has travelled through many continents and lived in several countries, with Italy holding a special place in her heart. There she studied and worked for 10 years. Our Italian customers are always in good hands with Sabine, whether it be the press, groups or customers at the counter. Born in Vorarlberg, she has resided in beautiful Kufstein for several years. She is often asked why after so many years in "Bella Italia" she finally ended up in Kufstein. Her simple reply is that there is no better place for a family with children. The alpine nature, the mountains, the amazing festivals and events. Usually you can find Sabine at one of this gorgeous place and events.

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  • Occupation: Italy Manager and Family Manager
  • Favourite places: Lake Hechtsee and Lake Thiersee, Motorikpark playground and anywhere else where children can play
  • I am: Multilingual, including the Vorarlberg dialect ;-), love travelling and sun worship

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." Martin Buber

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