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In his younger years Harald always wanted to go out into the wide world and stay there, so he has travelled through plenty of countries and explored plenty of waters with his kayak. But in the end he always came back to Kufsteinerland, and is happy to call the area home. As an enthusiastic hiker he loves to be out in his local mountains and forests, and find peaceful places off the beaten path. He also enjoys photographing the little things on the side of the path. In recent years he has discovered the movements of tai chi and qi gong, and appreciates the health and inner peace that they bring with them, especially when the exercises are done outside in nature.

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  • Occupation: mountain guide, tai chi and qi gong teacher
  • Favourite places: anywhere that you can feel the spirit of nature, its purity and its vastness
  • That's me: enthusiastic hiker and cake-lover (especially poppy-seed cake), nature photographer and hobby chef.

"Nature is not a place that you visit, it's your home." Gary Snyder

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