Glemmbach Gorge

Natural treasure

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The beauty of nature in its wildest form.

Once again this year the first hot summer day inspired me to go to Glemmbach Gorge. It's a good place to be when temperatures hit 28 °C or higher. There's plenty of cool, clear water.

So I left the house after a relaxed breakfast. Fortunately there were only a few cars parked at the starting point of the trail. I walked along the low pasture to the junction where the path begins. It led steeply up to the first, flat river crossing. The water level was very low. I changed into my Teva sandals and waded to the other side. Then I walked along the river, carefully so that I didn't stub my toes on the rocks.

The rock walls around me got higher and more spectacular, and then there was a beautiful section high up above the clear green water, as it sprayed and roared over the rocks. Ahead was the view into the gorge.

Then it alternately went higher and upstream directly along the water. It was wonderfully cool in the shade. I kept stopping, for example to take a closer look at a rolled up fern frond or butterwort flowers, or even the occasional gentian.

After an afternoon tea with coffee, on one of the gravel banks, I reached the end of the gorge. Then I went uphill and along the top of the gorge back to the starting point. There was a little up-and-down through forest and fields ruffled by the wind. Flower meadows with dandelions, cuckooflowers and a few daisies, and then there's the view to Hinterthiersee.

All in all it was a dream day, just like in a picture book...

The hike follows a beautiful narrow forest path.

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