Theatre on the mountain - MUNDE

The play on the peak by Felix Mitterer

The bottom station of the nostalgic single-seat chairlift, the Kaiserlift

Once upon a time a skier was forgotten on the Kaiserlift... YES, it's true; it was in Kufstein and Felix Mitterer heard about it. The reopening of the single-chair chairlift into the Kaiser Mountains nature reserve rekindled interest in this old story.

With a smile on our faces, in honourable tribute to the poor man, and with the Piefke Saga in the back of our minds, we went on a search... but not because of the skier, but rather because of Felix Mitterer and another masterpiece that he wrote.

The ride up to the location: Before the theatre "gets going" you can enjoy the view and peacefulness of the 20 minute ride up.

Incidentally, Felix Mitterer was the son of a local agricultural worker and a Romanian refugee. He went to school in Kitzbühel and Kirchberg, and therefore has a close connection to our region. In the 70s he made his first contributions to ORF. He describes himself as a Tyrolean regional writer and author. He often tackles problematic and controversial topics, like the Piefke Saga, which was extremely controversial in the 90s. But our scouting was focused on a different matter :-)

In summer 2016 the Kufstein municipal theatre wants to aim high, namely an altitude of 1270 m in the Kaiser Mountains. As you can see, an unusual venue was found; on the hill behind the Weinbergerhaus.

Culture in the mountains: The Kaiser Mountains as a theatre backdrop

The piece performed is "Munde" - the play on the peak - by Felix Mitterer, in which five colleagues from a roofing company (one master, two workers, a Turkish migrant worker and one office worker) go on a company outing to the Hohe Munde near Telfs. It's planned as a nice outing, with beer, schnapps and sausages. At the start the mood is cheerful, with the standard teasing, but then the alcohol releases the suppressed interpersonal tensions. Five people stand on the precipice, one goes a step too far... and then it happens.

The organisers are already looking forward to this special experience!

Our relaxed excursion was very fun. It is the first cooperative open air cultural project with the municipal theatre, public utilities and the tourism association. We're looking forward to the special experience!

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