Treasure hunt in the "Kaisergebirge"

Adventure in the Nature - Geocaching

1000 hidden caches – the nature reserve “Kaisergebirge“ is a real eldorado for geocachers. At the first Geocaching kick-off event in Kufstein on June 24th 2017, all nature lovers will get the possibility to look for the treasures of geocaching together with Manfred Weidner aka Fred Bull. In preperation for the upcoming event we - six students of the FH Kufstein Tyrol – went on for a treasure hunt accompanied by Fred Bull.

Proud of our first successfull geocaching tour! Maxi, Kathi, Lena, Manfred aka Fred Bull, Jana, Andrea und Franzi. (f.l.t.r.)

Let's start the adventure

As it’s known in common parlance: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. After a short introduction by Fred Bull we started our GPS treasure hunt at the “Kaiserlift“. The desired cach was selected on the gadget and immediately we received the necessary information for the hunt. With two GPS modells named Oregon 450 und Oregon 600, we followed the route on the screen showing the location of the first cach. Surprised by the simple and smooth search, we were already standing close to the hideout. Due to good team work and the GPS data describing the type of the cache and the distance to it, we soon found our first geo cache! As many geocachers before we inscribed ourselves into the logbook of this cache.

The treasures of Geocaching

When we found the first “tree cache“, we immediately continued our tour into the "Kaisertal“, where our GPS gadgets guided us to a waterfall.
After a quick exploration we found a cache hidden by Fred Bull. Our next stop was the “Graveyard of soft toys“, also created by Fred Bull. This surely was one of the most extraordinary places in nature I have ever seen: a secret place full of soft toys, which were brought there by inaugurated visitors. The topic of the next cache by Fred Bull was winter: the cache was called “Christkindl“ post office. Kids get the chance to drop their letter to the “Christkindl“ in a litte box hidden in the deep forest. To discover the advanced and history related cache, named “Flokati´s Bunker“, a mystery had to be solved. But after our excellent teamwork we reached the hidden cave at higher altitude. This treasure hunting was definitely not our last!

You’re interested now?

In the “Kaisergebirge“ a lot of caches are hidden and waiting to be discovered from you. During our hide Fred Bull told us about many other caches of him and his collegues. To us, the most impressive ones were the “ATUS-Caches“ – 27 caches of high quality. For this project Fred Bull was supported by all geocaching buddies in the area of Kufstein. They had a remarkable idea: creating an Advent calendar consisting of different caches.

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