A day at the Adventure farm

- in the middle of nature

The kids’ activity programme we are taking part in today sounds really good! The tourism board Kufsteinerland offers daily exciting and varied activities also to its small guests. My kids are looking forward to spending a few hours on a real farm. Will their expectations be met?

An adventure for the little ones! My kids and Dominik.

A paradise for kids

We meet Dominik at the “Wanishof” in Hinterthiersee. During the summer months he is in charge of the children’s programme of the tourism board. With his friendly manner he immediately conquers the kids’ hearts and they are off to the chicken coop to see if overnight the chickens had conjured some eggs in the nest. Do they really lay an egg a day as it is said? The kids are delighted to find freshly laid and still warm eggs in the nest! Well done, chickens!

At the chicken coop - Do they really lay an egg a day as it is said?

Auf dem Bauernhof gibt es viele Tiere, die gefüttert und umsorgt werden möchten

Henhouse smell is also part and parcel of visiting a farm but we forget completely about the chicken poo. I myself am delighted about the fabulous panoramic view and the wonderful, quiet location. We feed the chicken with grain, hey and water. The chickens cluck happily and run around the meadow. Next to it is a playground with a slide, swing, sandpit, play tractors, a trampoline and lots more. Time flies but there is still lots to do at the farm!

Next stop - the hutch. The rabbits have lovely, soft fur and you can’t stop stroking them. Not all of them like it, though and sometimes we get to feel their claws! Once the stroking session is over, we clean the hutch and feed the rabbits. They nibble happily the carrots.

Black and white or completely black?

We can’t ignore the bleating of the goats nearby. They also want to be noticed and fed. They are so cute, black and white or completely black

A lot of different animals want to be noticed and fed at Wanishof.

Fun in the hay

Dominik points towards a wooden hut on the other side of the field. Apparently, a surprise is waiting there. We walk for a few minutes across the field. What are we going to find there? The hut is full of wonderfully smelling hay. Jumping in the hay to your heart’s content is so much. The kids jump up and down, up and down in the soft hay - where do they get all that energy from?

Jumping with pleasure in the hay

My kids love to be creative.

We take a break for a crafts activity. A cardboard template wrapped with hay is a lovely idea and the result looks really good (just scroll to the top of the page).

Crafts activity - What a joy!

It´s time to walk back to the wonderful sunbathing lawn where the kids can play carefreely and I can relax in a comfortable garden chair. A small pool provides refreshment on hot days. Another highlight is yet to come: a healthy snack, including the eggs we took out of the nest a few hours ago. Local products that let you taste the nature. What a joy!

We had a wonderful time at the `Wanishof`. It was a great experience here at the farm, a real adventure in the middle of nature, as promised!

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