The mountains are calling – don’t forget to drink properly

How to stay hydrated on your hiking tour

When going on an extensive hiking trip, it is not only essential to drink sufficiently but also properly. To fulfil this, the correct placement of your water bottle in or better on your backpack is essential to ensure your drink is always within reach and you don’t have to search for it when you are already thirsty. Like this you can make sure to drink regularly during your hike.

The Kufsteinerland provides various opportunities for extensive hiking tours

Which drinks are suitable for your summit ascent?

Unsweetened teas and water are classics that you can always carry with you on your hike. Especially still mineral water provides the hiker with essential nutrients without causing uncomfortable bloating. If you plan a very challenging tour, you can also pack isotonic sports drinks. Those are composed of the same nutrients as human blood and are, therefore, especially easy to digest for the body. But be cautious with those little helpers and only drink them sparingly, since they are often rich in calories and if you drink too much you might feel heavy rather than energised.

So ideally, you revert to the tried and trusted natural water. If you think this is too boring and tasteless, you can simply spice up the neutral liquid with fruit, vegetables or herbs – feel free to experiment to your own taste. In case you do need some inspiration, have a look at the recipe ideas at the end of the blogpost.

In case you ever run out of water during your hike you can refill your bottle, with the natural flavour enhancers inside, at one of the natural springs along your hiking path. But be careful! Only drink water from springs that are marked as suitable for drinking!

Very important: Hands off sugary lemonades, carbonated drinks as well as alcohol! You can enjoy one or two well-deserved mountain schnaps at the end of your tour. 😉


How much liquid does a hiker need?

Die Menge an Wasser, die ein Sportler auf einer Bergtour zu sich nehmen sollte hängt von den vorherrschenden Temperaturen, der Dauer der Wanderung, den zurückgelegten Höhenmetern und natürlich vom Wanderer selbst ab. Pauschal kann man daher hier keine genauen Literangaben machen. Wichtig ist es jedenfalls schon vor der Tour, am besten auch schon am Vortag, genügend Flüssigkeit zu sich zu nehmen um bereits gut hydriert und damit mit den idealen Voraussetzungen in die Wanderung zu starten.

The amount of water one should drink on their mountain tour depends on prevailing temperatures, duration of the hike, covered metres in altitude and of course on the hiker themselves. Thus, a generally adequate and exact specification in litres cannot be given. In any case it is essential to already drink before the tour, or even better the night before the hike, to start well hydrated and, therefore, perfectly prepared into your tour.

If you take an especially hard route, you can drink up to one litre per hour. Here it is of utmost importance to drink regularly and already before you feel thirsty, since thirst is a sign of dehydration and at that point it is already high time to drink. In order to avoid such situations be mindful of where you place your water bottle. It is advisable to have it handy at your belt or backpack to facilitate the drinking during ascent and descent. Generally, it is important to listen carefully to one’s own body. Drink sufficiently and regularly but within boundaries: To drink one litre of water at once will sit heavily on your stomach and weights you down rather than supporting the hike positively. The more often you hike, the better you will get to know your body and learn what feels good for you.

Recipes to spice up your water

Strawberry and basil:
This special combination gives you the ultimate energy boost for your hiking tour.

Lime and cucumber:
A German saying claims that sour things make you happy. You can try if this holds true for you by enjoying this detox water rich in vitamin C.

Watermelon and rosemary:
This summery mixture with watermelon supplies the hiker with even more essential liquids and provides a very different taste experience.
Lemon, blueberry and mint:
This combination of superfoods is refreshing and has a positive effect on the hiker’s energy levels. By the way: Blueberries are indigenous in the Kufsteinerland and can be picked in the Tyrolean woods. 😉

Ginger and turmeric:
If you like it a little spicier, you can put ginger in your water and refine it with a pinch um turmeric – colourful and healthy.

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