Christmas rose hike: a natural spectacle at Brentenjoch

A flower experience on Kufstein's local hill

The Christmas roses with their striking large white flowers.

They're small, protected and transform untouched landscapes into a wonderful sea of white flowers: Christmas roses in the forests around Kufstein. For nature lovers, the Christmas rose hike from Kufstein to Brentenjoch is no longer an insider's tip.

When spring comes

Almost as soon as the last snow melts, the first white flowers sprout from the barren ground of the mountain slopes or forest clearings. The little heralds of spring are best found on hikes between February and April, in the eastern limestone Alps (both north and south). If you're looking for the first Christmas roses of the season, then Kufstein is the place to be. The region around the Wilder Kaiser has giant "Christmas rose gardens" from February, which consistently fascinate visitors.

At the start of spring the Christmas roses sprout from the still cold ground.

Christmas rose hike to Brentenjoch

The most popular Christmas rose hike is from Kufstein up to Brentenjoch. The hike starts uphill from the base station of the former Aschenbrenner lift at 508 meters above sea level, and goes to the right up the mountain. After crossing a small gorge on your way to Elfenhain, the path zig-zags up the forested Kienberg. Along the picturesque forests you will see the first heralds of spring: as well as the coltfoot and liverwort flowers, the sea of Christmas roses is also an absolute eye-catcher. The forestry road continues, with a view of Stadtberg opposite, and leads to Duxeralm at 897 meters above sea level. After the serpentine curves comes the actual Christmas rose path. You reach Brentenjoch along a path lined with thousands of Christmas roses, and then head back to the starting point.

The number of Christmas roses is always astonishing.

Harald "Hiking harry" Löffel is a mountain guide in Kufsteinerland. His guided hikes let visitors discover the most beautiful parts of the Kufstein area. This includes the Christmas rose hike on Brentenjoch. In an interview, "Hiking harry" reveals what's special about the Christmas rose, and what's waiting for hikers on the path:

What fascinates you about the Christmas rose?
"For me the Christmas rose is actually nothing new. But it lifts my spirits every time I see the colourful sea of flowers spread over the still barren landscape. And I'm not the only one that's fascinated with the little heralds of spring; people taking part in the guided walks are also very interested. It's simply a wonderful thing to see what nature has conjured up."

Do you have a tip for hikers looking for Christmas roses?
"The Christmas rose hike on Brentenjoch is the prefect excursion for families and nature lovers. In parts the sea of flowers completely covers the ground along the path. Just make sure to never step on any, and to stay on the path, so that other hikers can enjoy the flowers too. And Duxeralm serves up delicious regional cuisine to hikers and mountain bikers."

Is there another Christmas rose hike in Kufstein?
"There is also a nice hike in the Thiersee Valley to Kala Alm, where you can also see this natural spectacle."

The Christmas rose is protected and must not be picked. Do hikers pay attention to this?
"Most of them know, and don't take any flowers home with them. But every now and again I've caught hikers with three or four Christmas roses in their hand. Naturally I let them know that it's not allowed. You don't have to pick the flowers; a nice memory can be recorded with a camera too."

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