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Sightseeing in Kufsteinerland: the Inn River cycling path

Cycle along and at the same time see the most beautiful side of Kufsteinerland. Enjoy the perfect combination of sightseeing and endurance sport in the great outdoors with the popular cycling path along the Inn River. Maybe, apart from interesting museum visits and cheese making tours you'll also come across a giant kangaroo or a pot-bellied pig? But don't worry, they're not roaming around the streets, they're in an enclosure at the zoo. I've put together a list of the spots that you shouldn't miss on your Inn River cycling tour.

On two wheels along the Inn

It's not just a cycling path. The Inn River cycling path, which leads from the source of the Inn River in Engadin to Passau, and stretches over 520 kilometres, is the longest and most adventurous long-distance cycling paths in Europe. It is divided up into five stages that let you enjoy the fascinating Alpine landscape up close and personal. The individual tours ensure countless and varied leisure and cultural options for people of all ages.

There's a lot to experience, especially along the section that passes through Kufsteinerland. The 23 kilometre family-friendly stretch winds past lush meadows, refreshing tributaries and impressive mountains. From power places to cultural highlights – I've put together a list of the exciting attractions that await.

Cycling on the Inn River cycling path with the fortress in the background

Stimmersee: swimming, sunbathing or hiking

From Innsbruck the cycling path heads north-east. As soon as you enter Kufsteinerland the route passes through idyllic countryside along the leisurely river. Your first stop should be in the municipality of Langkampfen, more specifically in the Stimmersee recreational area. The idyllic blue/green lake and the thick forests at the foot of Pendling are enticing in summer, with an average water temperature of 21 degrees for anyone looking to cool down a little. Whether swimming, playing beach volleyball or enjoying a leisurely hike up Pendling via Dreibrunnenjoch - Stimmersee has something fun for the whole family. And the bikes can be conveniently parked at Gasthaus Stimmersee while you take a break.

Tip: What about a meal at Gasthaus Stimmersee? The home-made "Schlutzkrapfen" (filled pasta) or Tyrolean style spinach dumplings are particularly recommended!

Stimmersee is idyllically situated between meadows and forests

Kufstein welcomes you

Just three kilometres after your well-earned break at Stimmersee you reach the heart of Kufsteinerland: the historical city at the foot of the Zahmer and Wilder Kaiser. Cyclists can already see the imposing fortress from afar. And anyone who wants to see the historic Tyrolean monument up close can visit the 21 different stations and museums, a 60 meter deep well or the round fortress tower.

After the cultural experience you can also enjoy a shopping tour through the beautiful streets of the old town. There are also some sporty options: not far from the city is the motor skills park and Kneipp basin, which gives tired muscles back their energy. Anyone who has a little more time in Kufstein should learn more about sewing machines and unique glassware: The Sewing Machine Museum has lots of interesting information about this smart device and its inventor, Madersberger. The long-established company Riedel Glas not only opens its doors to wine lovers, but also offers an exclusive insight into the art of glass blowing, and sells a range of beautiful original gifts for family and friends. And with a few shopping bags in your bike basket you can head off down the well-developed cycling path toward Ebbs.

Ebbs: wild animals and holey cheese

Follow the water for about half an hour to the north. The Inn River cycling path follows both sides of the river. We recommend changing sides shortly after Kufstein, as around eight kilometres later you reach the next destination on the right-hand side of the river: the village of Ebbs. Famous for the world centre of Haflinger breeding – the stud farm – the small village continues to attract horse lovers. At the modern stud farm, which has approx. 100 Haflingers, an arena, two riding halls and around 100 stalls, there are regular tours and events.

Only a few meters or a three-minute cycle from the stud farm you will find the next animal attraction: the Rare Species Zoo. Barbary ape babies, flamingo chicks and giant kangaroos are not only interesting for little visitors, adults are also sure to be enchanted.

If this tour through Tyrol's most exotic animal world is making you hungry then the Kaissenhof is the place to go: the sales stand and farm shop sell regional delicacies, which you can also take with you on your tour as a snack. And then there is also a little culture in Ebbs to finish off: the Ebbs church and the St. Nikolaus chapel are worth a visit before you continue your cycling tour along the Inn River.

Next stop: Niederndorf near Kufstein

Would you like to take a journey into history? The museum in Niederndorf, which is only a 10 minute ride from Ebbs, lets you dive into the world of old-fashioned handicraft. Spontaneous visitors should call +43 699 139 19 833. An outdoor alternative to the museum in Niederndorf is the well-being forest path. But what exactly is it? The Jennbach recreation area is a spot for athletes and all people who like to be active in the healthy forest air. People of all ages can do a variety of exercises at the various stations, which are equipped with information boards. Anyone who's already tired from cycling can simply enjoy the peacefulness of the forest before continuing on. After all, the next cultural and refreshing stop is not far away.

Niederndorf with a view of the Zahmer Kaiser

Erl: a combination of culture and nature

The last and absolutely worth seeing stop is only 15 minutes from Niederndorf: the village of Erl, with a population of 1,450, which is famous for its passion plays. Culture is brought to life here, and the annual Tyrolean Festival also brings thousands of people from all over the world to the passion play and festival hall. It's worth a visit: surrounded by a green meadow, the ultra-modern festival hall soars into the sky and brings an international flair to the rural village in all seasons.

Quite apart from the style & glamour, this charming village also has plenty for peace seekers. Power places like the blue spring, the largest drinking water spring in Tyrol, which bubbles 700 litres of mineral water out of the mountain every second, or the thundering waterfall, invite you to dream and switch off. Experience a village that is full of contrasts.

Cycling, sightseeing and experiencing the best parts of Kufstein. The Inn River cycling path makes it possible. If you're already mentally polishing off your wheels and are planning a cycling excursion with your family then you've got it right.

Just one more tip: Make sure you leave enough time in Kufsteinerland, because the adventures at the foot of the Zahmer and Wilder Kaiser will be an unforgettable experience for cyclists of all ages.

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