When energy bubbles out of the water

"Blue spring" power place in Kufsteinerland

The blue spring was named as Tyrol's first natural monument in 1926.

The crickets chirp, the birds try to outdo each other with their tweeting, and the turquoise water shimmers in the bright sunlight. Two park benches invite us to take a rest in the middle of this unique natural place. As if by magic, our gaze is drawn to the "blue spring" in Erl. The largest drinking water spring in western Austria is a very special power place in Kufsteinerland – and everyone who has been there knows why.

Blue spring power place

The shortest and easiest way to the blue spring power place in Erl starts at the hotel of the same name - "Blaue Quelle" (Blue Spring). Your car can be parked in the large car park in front of the hotel, and the hostess Gaby Struth welcomes us before accompanying us to the natural monument. She knows the area around her hotel like the back of her hand, and gives us plenty of insider information. "It's the largest drinking water spring in western Austria" reveals Gaby, as we followed the sealed, around 150 meter long path between the hotel and a residential building. Just before Tyrol's oldest natural monument path goes downhill a little. "And now it's time to enjoy yourself", Gaby arouses our curiosity. She definitely didn't promise too much. It's as if we've dived into a different world. The tall beech, oak, linden and birch trees provide welcome shade, and the sound of cars on the distant road is drowned out by the chirping of crickets and the tweeting of birds. The turquoise-green shimmering water fascinates us. A true feast for the eyes – not only for nature lovers!

The blue spring in Erl invites you to relax.

Surrounded by meadows and forests

We make ourselves comfortable on the two park benches, enjoy the peacefulness, and listen to Gaby: "If you look closely at the water surface you can see where the water flows out from the rocks. The mountain pushes out between 700 and 1,000 litres of water per second – that's an incredible amount", explains Gaby. And she's right; we can actually see places where the water ripples a little. It's unbelievable how much mountain water flows out here – and how fast. "Even today nobody knows where exactly the spring's source is. But they think it's somewhere on the mountain, because the water temperature is always between seven and nine degrees", explains Gaby.

When water enchants

The green colour of the water turns a light turquoise certain points – you almost feel like you're on the Maldives. But it's even more beautiful here. "The places where the water is turquoise are the deepest parts, at 4.5 meters deep. The water is that colour because no algae grows here, and the water flows into the spring directly from the ground. With so much strength that you can hear and see it bubble up", says Gaby. If you pay close attention you can see little bubbles rising from the ground to the water surface. A natural masterpiece, which rightly deserves protection. We soak up the energy a little more before we make our way back.

The green colour of the water turns a light turquoise at a special point.

Refreshment for the stomach

While the power place gave me new energy, my stomach has started to rumble. Perfect timing, as Gaby Struth invites us to a little refreshment in her historical hotel "Blaue Quelle" (Blue Spring). "In 1943 my grandparents bought the hotel, and named it after the body of water behind the building - the blue spring", explained Gaby. The menu is extensive and unusual. There is something for everyone: from traditional dishes such as roast pork, to rare delicacies such as kidney, "Beuschl" (internal organs) or calf's head. "I recommend the rainbow trout with vegetables. The fish is caught from a small pond behind the house after you order, and freshly prepared in the kitchen by my husband", says Gaby. It sounds too good to miss. Soon after Alex Struth serves us the creatively arranged plates. And it tastes as good as it looks. Our excursion to the blue spring couldn't have ended more perfectly.

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