When you and your children get wanderlust

Family hiking in Kufsteinerland

Wichtig beim Wandern mit Kindern: Genug Pausen einplanen und eine gesunde Jause, die für den nötigen Energieschub sorgt.

Children like to play, love nature, and are always discovering new adventures. And there are plenty of them in Kufsteinerland. Various family hikes, "legend" trails, and outdoor playgrounds full of fun are waiting for you and your little mountaineers. We take a closer look at the four most exciting family routes, and create a checklist for your next excursion into the mountains. One thing is guaranteed: your children will be delighted!

Perfectly prepared

Hiking shouldn't be strenuous; instead the focus should be on hikers of all ages having fun. To make sure this happens, both the tour and the equipment should suit your children. Routes along creeks or through forests and Alpine meadows are exciting expeditions for the little ones. Nature has plenty of surprises awaiting you. Often a little cool down in the water gives the energy kick that's needed, and watching animals is an unforgettable experience. And often some flowers, leaves or rocks end up in the backpack as souvenirs.

The top 4 family hikes in Kufsteinerland:

Zahmer Kaiser hiking paradise

The Zahmer Kaiser makes children's eyes shine. Even just the ride up over the treetops with the 4-seat chairlift is an experience for little hikers. At the top a special hiking paradise opens up where perfectly signposted paths, such as the approximately three kilometre long panorama path, wind through the hilly landscape. The rustic huts there have various outdoor playgrounds, where the children can play and have fun. But the greatest reward for the littlest ones is at the bottom station of the chair lift: The Zahmer Kaiser play park, with summer toboggan run.

Play park: from simulators to space walk
A mix of countless games, interactive stations and educational experiments attracts families to the play park at the foot of the Zahmer Kaiser over and over again. No wonder: an excursion to the adventure area at the foot of the Zahmer Kaiser has plenty of surprises awaiting you: The littlest ones make it big there, and become airplane pilots or daring motorbike riders – naturally only in the simulators. Skills courses on ladders, ropes and slides, as well as a detour to the animal enclosure round off the experience. An adventure world for people of all ages.

Tip: If the children are still bursting with energy after all these experiences, then a ride with the summer toboggan run is the perfect finale.

The Zahmer Kaiser play park guarantees lots of fun, with an adventure playground and animal enclosure with petting zoo.

Moor & more: experience untouched nature

What is a moor? And why do so many different plant and animal species live there? These questions and many more are answered on a moor hike at Haslacher Moor in Bad Häring.

A walking path with numerous display boards and info stands leads directly through the natural oasis, and gives an insight into the habitats of the various residents. A walk is even more fun when it's between cotton grass, dragonflies and butterflies. Any anyone who listens closely to nature might hear the quiet sounds of the yellow-bellied toad, which lives in the puddles and small bodies of water. Visit the hidden moors with the littlest ones, and enjoy an interesting biology lesson out in the fresh air.

Did you know that the typical moor plant, peat moss, can hold up to 30 times its dry weight in water?

Aschinger Alm – hiking & cheese enjoyment

Even just the drive up to Aschinger Alm on Buchberg is an experience. Meter by meter, between the colourful Alpine meadows and the traditional farms, a sensational view of the Bavarian Alps opens up. Directly in front of Aschinger Alm, at an altitude of 1,000 meters, is a large parking area that is the starting point for various hiking paths. Easy flat routes through diverse nature await you and your children – the perfect area for family hiking in Tyrol. After the round walk we recommend stopping in at Aschinger Alm. While the little ones discover new herbs in the garden or pay a visit to the rabbit hutch, the sun terrace invites you to relax.

Tip for connoisseurs: Cheese is made at the Alpine dairy according to old traditions. You can also take some of your favourite cheese home: in the associated farm shop you can taste to your heart's content, and also buy other products such as honey, bacon or schnapps.

The wonderfully located Aschinger Alm, at the foot of the Zahmer Kaiser with a view of Walchsee ... and a playground for the little ones!

Between legends and fairy tales

There are plenty of legends about the Zahmer and Wilder Kaiser. But what's behind all the legends? And why are there so many? In Kufsteinerland you and the kids can have all your questions answered. You and your children can dive into the world of myths on a total of 16 legend walks of varying lengths and difficulties.

One of the most popular paths is in the Ebbs area, more precisely near Tischofer cave. From the Kaisertal ascent you walk to the right of the creek along a beautiful forest path, with wonderful views of the Geisterschmidwand. Once you pass the Theaterhütte you reach the first adventure station: a children's playground with a labyrinth. After a short stop you dive right in to the world of legend. Get comfortable on the bench and read your children the legend of the "giant oven". An information panel gives an insight into the many stories. Then continue down to the Kaiserbach. On the other side you follow the path steeply uphill toward Tischofer cave. This section is historically interesting, and the display boards give you an insight into early life in the Kaiser Mountains.

The Tischofer cave in the Kaisertal - the approx. 40 m long cave, which is around 20 meters wide and 8.5 m high at the entrance, was inhabited by bears and other animals during the Stone Age.

On the trail of nature in the Wilder Kaiser

Herbs, plants or animals: the guided hikes, which take place in the Wilder Kaiser from May to September, are very diverse, and offer guests special insights into the flora and fauna that can be found at an altitude of 1,200 m. Together with your experienced guides you will discover rare orchids and new insect species, and learn more about the fascinating history of the Kaiser Mountains. Let yourself be enchanted, inspired and impressed by nature on the themed walks – a perfect excursion for the whole family!

A special highlight on one of our themed walks - a fire salamander tries to run away as fast as it can.

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