Gorges and waterfalls in Kufsteinerland

Bathing lakes are very popular when it's hot and the thermometer passes the 30 degree mark. Who doesn't dream of cooling down on hot days like this. Not in the swimming pool, surrounded instead by mountains. A little taster: you stand on a wooden bridge between beautiful rocks, a cool breeze and cold water touching your face, the thundering waterfall drowning out all other sounds and a mysterious atmosphere enveloping you. Well, sound good? Then you should definitely plan an excursion to one of the beautiful gorges and waterfalls in Kufsteinerland. Here are the most popular "cool" spots in town:

An outing to Glemmbach Gorge in Thiersee is perfect for hot summer days. The hike follows a beautiful narrow forest path.

Glemmbach Gorge – for water rats

Water has been flowing from the mountain down into the valley for centuries, and this is where nature shows us her adventurous and mystical side. A walk through Glemmbach Gorge in Kufsteinerland, surrounded by the solitary and wild nature, is a unique experience. The tour, which goes upstream from Landl or downstream from Riedenberg, guarantees around two and a half hours of refreshment. Compared to other hikes, in Glemmbach Gorge you get really wet. At least your feet do. Water rats cross the cool stream around ten times. You can take off your hiking shoes and feel the cool refreshment on your naked toes.

Anyone who wants to be a little more careful, but not continue the walk with wet feet, should pack a second pair of hiking shoes. The tour is perfect for the whole family, and offers plenty of variety: from balancing acts over rocks to wooden walkways and wire cable safety guards along the path. If you look carefully at the flowing, crystal-clear creek, you will see little water creatures such as brown trout, fliting around as quick as lightning.

Equipment tip: pack a second pair of hiking shoes and socks so that feet always stay dry!

Bad Häring waterfall – the energy refuelling station

It is a location for health and relaxation. Since the discovery of underground sulphur water and the establishment of a mineral spring, Bad Häring has been a popular destination for wellness stays. The waterfall is a very special power place. From Dorfstraße to Osterndorf you take the right-hand path behind Gasthaus Bierhäusl. From then on: just follow your ears. Even from far away the thundering sound drowns out any car noise on distant streets.

The water thunders over the rocks, with the sound spreading out between the trees.

As soon as you arrive you can literally feel the power of the water. The cool wetness thunders through the ravines so loudly that you can hardly hear the sound of your own voice. But this isn't a problem, on the contrary: it's what makes the power place so unique. The Kneipp basin nearby lets you cool off your feet as you enjoy wafts of refreshing mist from the waterfall. And you can do something for your back here too: there are over 23 different strengthening and stretching exercises on the "Fit back path". Healthy, healthier: Bad Häring. Definitely worth an outing.

Gießenbach Gorge – perfect for children

An outing to Gießenbach Gorge in neighbouring Kiefersfelden promises a fun day for the whole family. The adventurous excursion starts from the car park on Thierseestraße. From there you soon reach the first highlight: the largest water wheel in Upper Bavaria, an attention grabber for the youngest ones. Just a few meters further you learn why there are water wheels and how they are used to generate energy.

After passing the power station you walk up a wooden mountainside and find yourself in the idyllic gorge. A well-secured path above the gorge offers glimpses of the thundering water below. Time for a short rest? Only a few meters after crossing the creek and dam you turn left to Schopper alm.

Even from far away it's easy to see and hear that children are welcome here. A huge playground in front of the building, an open stall, a petting enclosure and a sandpit make the alm at the end of the Gießenbach Gorge a paradise for children. And parents will be treated to homemade cakes and schnapps by the innkeepers. The one and a half hour round walk, with creek, gorge, playground, water wheel and dam, is the perfect family tour on hot days.

The one and a half hour round walk, with creek, gorge, playground, water wheel and dam, is the perfect family tour on hot days.

The waterfall in Erl – a leisurely walk

At the waterfall in Erl you can observe how small and unimposing creeks turn into impressive waterfalls. The Trockenbach, which starts underneath Kranzhorn, meanders through valleys, meadows and forests. Quiet, idyllic and perfect for hikers looking to cool down. But the water can do more. At the latest when you reach the Trockenbach waterfall, you will see how strong it truly is. The water falls more than 50 meters.

Tip: from the car park near the passion play house a leisurely 30 minute walk takes you to the waterfall. The path is well signposted, and leads along the shore of an attractive dam.

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