Visiting the Mariandlalm in Thiersee

Culinary, “Klumper” & the hosts’ cooking secrets

You will find the alpine hut Mariandlalm in the Trockenbachtal surrounded by a fairy-tale landscape of snow. At 1,250 meters the perfect place for a break away from the stress of everyday life. Among others there are at least two things that make your visit at the Mariandlalm unforgettable: the hosts pampering with heartfelt hospitality and the wooden sports equipment used to speed down the toboggan run. And of course much more ... Let’s start in the beginning!

Pure nature on the Mariandlalm in Thiersee

Comfortable Ascent

We start directly at the entrance of the Trockenbachtal. The trail winds its way steadily uphill and continues that way for the next 1.2 kilometres before becoming less steep. The way leads in serpentines to the final part before we can see the Mariandlalm. The hike up to the alpine hut is perfect for families, with flat parts offering the opportunity to take a break.

Time out in the Mountains

Before entering the alpine hut you will notice that it’s not an ordinary one. The stunning view of the snow-covered landscape and the tranquillity of nature are breath-taking. At the window you can see two mountain boots, lovingly decorated with flowers. The host Christine opens the door with a hearty grin and brings us to the warm inside. We lift our heads and let ourselves be enchanted by the rustic atmosphere.

You see and feel right away that the hut is Christine’s passion. Fresh tulips decorate the tables, the wood in the huge tiled stove crackles in the flames. Photos of guests and friends decorate the walls as well as many scarves of football clubs. Two cats are lying comfortably on the bench even not lifting their heads to see who has come in. You can smell the freshly baked cake.

Warm-hearted, warm and friendly atmosphere

If it is too strong, you are too weak!

While we are still looking around, Stefan, the host, asks, "Which schnapps would you like?” Christine explains, "We offer a welcome schnapps to every guest. We recommend the “nut schnapps” from the distillery Mader.” After the welcome drink we make ourselves comfortable on a bench.

Christine says, "The alpine hut has been a family business for years and was named by the guests after my mum - Marianne. I grew up here and when my mom broke her foot, I had to help her. It wasn’t my dream to manage the hut, but after some time I felt in love with the life in the mountains." Emphasizing again and again, "We live here with our guests as in a large family. We are very fond of our regular guests and also their football clubs visit us regularly," according to Christine. Completely understandable, as we think. But we haven’t experienced everything yet ...

“Obstler” (fruit schnapps), nut or apricot? ;-)

“Pressknödel” & more at the Mariandlalm in Thiersee

"You are certainly hungry," Christine says and goes into the kitchen. After a while she serves us cheese dumplings (Pessknödel) with salad and a hearty “Bauerngröst” (a mixture of potatoes and pork). Everything freshly prepared. "Since we have no electricity just an aggregate, we have to create the menus according to our possibilities. But we always have traditional dishes like “ausgezogene Nudeln, Speckknödelsuppe or Kaiserschmarrn” on our menu.”

The “Bauerngröstl” is hearty, delicious and a perfect dish after the ascent

Our personal Highlight: the homemade “apple strudel”

After our delicious meal, we get a look behind the scenes. Christine stands in the kitchen forming a huge dough with her hands, filling it with raisins, nuts and apple pieces and rolling it up into a strudel. She then slides the tray with the one meter long strudel into the oven. Truly a highlight on the Mariandlalm!

“Auf der Alm da gibt’s koa Sünd” meaning: Everything is permitted on the alm

In culinary terms or what drinking is concerned. If you plan to spend a nice evening at 1,250 meters altitude, you will find three rooms with a total of 30 beds. The rate for a bunk bed with the wonderful view of the snowy landscape with dinner and breakfast costs €35 per night only. And one thing is certain: Because of these nice hosts it’s quite difficult not staying longer! This is also known by their regular guests. They don’t book a table but sign off if they do not come for two weeks. "Otherwise we could be worried," Christine smiles at us.

The decor with lots of wood radiates a cozy atmosphere

Descent - a "Klumper" adventure

What the hell is a Klumper? We have asked ourselves quite often before visiting the Mariandlalm. Stefan solves the puzzle and shows us a “Klumper”. It‘s a small wooden seat on a ski on which you can toboggan down the slope. The feet are in the air and you steer with the upper body. It's almost like cycling: the faster you drive, the easier it gets. Exciting story, but how do you get to such devices? "We are the only alpine hut in Kufsteinerland that rents “Klumpers” free of charge. A carpenter makes the wooden seats and the skis are replaced annually,” informs Christine, who became aware of the winter sports equipment a few years ago: "In South Tyrol, “Klumper races” are held regularly. Since we were very excited about them we bought them and now we rent them. They are really well received.”

Toboggan versus “Klumpern”

As hard as it gets, but after two hours, it's time for us to leave the hut. We grab a “Klumper”, listen to the instructions and off we go! Feet in the air, hands under the thighs and a bit shaky we take the first few meters. As soon as it gets steeper, we find it easier to keep the balance.

And lo and behold. After about one kilometer we feel almost safe, raise our hands and gain speed. We proudly reach the parking. Everybody with a big grin on the face. Because the ride with the “Klumper” was probably the highlight of our unforgettable day on the Mariandlalm. One thing is certain: that’s why we say to Christine and Stefan, "We will see you again, we promise!"

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